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Friday, March 16, 2007


Benny Morris's Nazi Tendency

© By Khalid Amayreh, for thepeoplesvoice.org

Until a few years ago, Benny Morris was a prominent Israeli historian specializing in the vicissitudes of Israel’s formative years. His book “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem-1947-149”, based on Israeli army archives of that period, played a key part in demolishing the long-held Zionist narrative that Palestinian refugees left their homes and villages voluntarily and that they were not expelled by Jews.

Other “new historians” , such as Ilan Pappe of Haifa University, have consolidated Morris’s original thesis. Pappe’s recent book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”, also based on Israeli army archives, presents irrefutable evidence showing that the original 700,000-800,00 Palestinian refugees were terrorized and massacred into leaving their ancestral homeland in accordance with a well-devised plan by the Jewish leadership.

Now, it is apparent that Benny Morris has abandoned the realm of academic honesty to rabidly join the legions of Jewish fascism. A series of interviews with him published in the Israeli and western press leaves no doubt as to the Nazi-like propensity Morris is harboring toward the Palestinian people. Sometimes, his fascistic outlook is so outpouring that one can’t distinguish him form the likes of Meir Kahana, Benjamin Elon, Eifi Eitam, and the terrorists of Kiryat Arba. On other occasions, he tries to package his repulsive views with a thin layer of academic jargon. But in both case, he makes no effort to hide or even extenuate his fascistic discourse.

Indeed, a meticulous examination of Morris’s views, especially when reading between the lines, shows that the man is not only regretting his original discovery, that the Zionists expelled and massacred the Palestinians en mass, but is also regretting the fact that the “mission” (the ethnic cleansing) was not carried out “fully.”

In an article titled “Israel revisited”, published by the Washington Post Foreign Service on 11 March, 2007, Morris argues remorsefully that “had the war ended more definitely and logically demographically, every one would have been better for it. Not only Israel and the Palestinians, but all of the Middle East.”

It is not difficult to translate Morris’s ghoulish words into simple language. In plain English, he says that in 1948, Israel should have expelled and/or massacred the entire Palestinian people between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean. In other words, he wishes Israel had “completed the job” employing whatever means necessary, including, conceivably, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

But Morris is not giving up. He says that the time is not too late to try to do what was not done in 1948, namely to exterminate and/or expel the remaining Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

And his justification for this Final Solution is the fact that Israel is “an outpost of the West…in a largely Islamic, backward and in some ways even barbaric area.”
Oh, halleluiah, it is good to finally hear from a major Israeli historian a clear admission that Israel doesn’t belong to the Middle East and that the bulk of its population are not Middle Eastern, in other words, not Semites. The world should take note of this.

Today, Israel is suffering from a deep collective psychosis and it seems that Morris encapsulates and caricatures this morbidity to a very large extent.

He says that “Ben Gurion should have expelled more Palestinians during the 1948 war to leave a stronger Jewish majority between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.”

“If the man was already driving out people, maybe he should have gone the whole hog.”
This is more than sickening. It borders on diabolical and satanic racism. Indeed, how would we react if some Nazi argued that “If Adolph Hitler was already exterminating Jews in Europe, maybe he should have go the whole hog.”!

Some Zionist apologists might be prompted to argue that “expelling” is not the same as “exterminating.” Well, such arguments would not persuade even my little dog, since no expulsion can be effected without at least a partial genocide as Morris himself made it clear in his original book “the Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem.”

But Morris still has much to surprise us. He soon will examine whether the Palestinian-Israeli strife can be resolved by forging a single nation of Arabs and Jews or two states for two peoples.
And we don’t have to wait long for the answer. He already argues that should the two-state approach fail, as many Israelis, Palestinians and others say it would, there are two other realistic solutions: “One is that the Jews will kick out all the Arabs across the river, and the other is that the Arabs will throw the Jews into the sea. I am not sure one of them won’t happen.”

Well, this certainly advocacy for genocide. Because when a powerful state, actually a nuclear power, which also, to a very large extent, controls the politics and policies, of the world’s only superpower, tells its tormented subjects, the Palestinians who are actually a prisoner population under the Israeli occupation, that “we either throw you across the river or you throw us into the sea,” it means that Israel is hell-bent on committing genocide since the Palestinians lack the ability to defend and protect themselves.

There is no other way to read and understand Morris’s thesis except that he is advocating genocide and ethnic annihilation.

Finally, we must understand and make those who don’t realize that terms like “transfer” and “throwing them across the river,” etc, are only euphemism for genocide.

The Nazis viewed Jews as their enemies, possibly because they thought Jews were instrumental in Germany’s defeat during World War I. And during World War II, the Nazis effectively used the same language Benny Morris is now using. They told European Jewry that “ it is either we destroy you or you destroy us.” We know the rest of the story.

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