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Sunday, February 04, 2007


'To all those for whom these villages were home and to their descendants'

Amr Abu Daeb and family. Israelis demolished their house in East Jerusalem two weeks ago.
According to Ma'an News: "The director of the cartographic department in the society for Arab Studies, Khalil Toufakji, has warned of an ethnic cleansing operation against some 24,000 Palestinians in the old city of Jerusalem."
"Rubble from village houses" in Al-Mansura. Al-Mansura was ethnically cleansed in mid-November, 1948 when "Israel decided to empty the Israeli side of the Israeli-Lebanese border of its Arab villages." According to Walid Khalidi in All That Remains, "The people of al-Mansura were ordered to leave; some crossed into Lebanon but most were taken in trucks to the village of al-Rama, to the south." The villagers have sought to return home to Al-Mansura for many years, but to no avail, as Israel, in violation of UN Resolution 194 and Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, refuses their inalienable right to return home because they are not Jewish.
The Zionists have razed all the houses in the village. In 1944/45, 26,619 dunums of land were owned by Arabs. Jews owned nothing. "The only village structure that still stands is the church of Mari Yohanna."
Khalidi, Walid. All That Remains: The Palestinan Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948. Institute for Palestine Studies: Washington, D.C., 1991.
Khalidi's Dedication: "To all those for whom these villages were home and to their descendents."

Just to let you know U,
next week on BBC Radio 4 (available on the internet is -

Book of the Week:
The Lemon Tree

9:45am - 10:00am
BBC Radio 4
(repeated again 12.45am)
By Sandy Tolan.

An unusual dialogue between a Palestinian man and the Israeli woman who now lives in his old home.
Episode 1: Bashir was six when his family were expelled from their house in Ramla. Almost 20 years later he gets the chance to visit it. Now Dalia, a Jewish woman born in Bulgaria lives there. Will she let him in?
Abridged by Libby Spurrier.

It isn't listed yet on the webpage, but will be, nearer the end of the week.

I think I heard you talking about this book once!

All the best!
Press Release
from Oxfam (UK)
Over a million euros a month of European aid to Palestine wasted in bank charges
7 Feb 2007

Over a million euros a month of European aid to Palestine wasted in bank charges
Oxfam calls on UK Government to persuade Europe to end 'aid fiasco'

These people always make money, no matter how much chaos, pain and suffering exists, they always smell of roses!

All the best U!

in British money that is £660,000 a month!
wow! i would surely want to see that!

just for information:
many palestinian houses were stoled,
this is really not the only place,
and probobly, i guess that there are hundreds like this!

asad al nimr,


The BBC living down to their usual dreary standards of journalism.

Muted response to Mecca agreement
BBC 09 Feb 2007

The headline doesn't refer to the reaction in Gaza, where the article reports there to be 'jubilant scenes' accompanied by a photo of happy Gazans describing 'rapturous scenes' etc

No, the headline refers to the reaction elsewhere, in places like Tel Aviv and Washington, whose worries are far more important that a bunch of sub-human nobodies locked up in an Israeli warsaw ghettos (one of many provided free of charge by the Israeli master race), under illegal occupation and subjected to collective punishment for failing to follow their orders by voting in a democratic election for the political party of their own free choice, rather than for the one favoured by their illegal occupiers.

Such are the liberal values of Israel, which claims to be the region's only democracy - and of the US, the UK and the EU when they say they believe in liberal democracy and freedom!
Palestinian Mother of 11 children executed by the Israeli SS for trying to stop them beating her deaf husband, who didn't respond to their orders promptly enough!

She was shot a number of times, after which the Israeli SS prevented an ambulance from taking her to a hospital for 5 hours, and when it did arrive, all that could be done for her was to pronounce her dead.

Paul Findley
Media Monitors Network
07 Feb 2007

Who has ever heard of Itemad Ismail Abu Mo’ammar ?
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