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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Recognize the Right of Palestinians to Exist in their Homes

Palestinian refugees in Bourj El-Barajneh Refugee Camp

They may not return to their homes although international law maintains that everyone has a right to leave his country and return to his country.

“If you cry over the ruins [al-tulul], you also cry for your own being.” Ahmad Hilmi

The other picture if from a Nefesh B N'Fesh Advertisement. Nefesh B N'Fesh encourages North American Jews to immigrate to Israel.

check this out! they even have the cheek to say it's 100% legal!
As salaam alaikum.

Our time will come inshallah -- here is a poem I wrote for our suffering Palestinian sisters and brothers:

in the hills of
Palestine -
the jubilant return
of familiar voices

Wa salaama,
nuh ibn
Hi Um Kahlil, I hope you're doing Ok.

I would like to add my blogs to the list of blogs in support of Palestinians right of return.


A. H.
Kudos to the UNRWA for providing a "Center for Active Aging" in Bourj el-Barajneh...having worked as a senior care specialist & EMT in Israel, I have seen the special needs issues of elderly Iranian, Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian Jews from the "other side", as they arrived in Israel as destitute refugees. More harrowing still is the case of the few members of such Algerian and Tunisian communities too old to move to Israel, as they exist without organized community support, with one charity straining to provide for their needs under the baleful glare of a pseudo-pan-Arabian-socialist state. Likewise, Palestinians in Israel, like the elderly poor in general, often face serious shortcomings in care. Only when the Lebanese (as opposed to UNRWA alone) begin to care for the elderly Palestinians in their midst and the Israeli state begins to make up for the tremendous shortfall in its treatment of "internal refugees" and Israeli-Palestinians will some of the most vulnerable populations in the Middle East get their due. This is a humanitarian (as opposed to nationalist, or communitarian) issue and I've seen NGOs do sterling work but it was not enough.
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