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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Ramallah Masons: 1925

My grandfather is standing on the left, and the man standing on the right is Yousef Cadoura, who was mayor of Ramallah from 1943-47.

Hello. Yousef Cadoura was my grandfather. I am curious to know where this picture came from and also if I could have your permission to republish it. My cousins and I are constructing a Wikipedia page about him.


Deric Cadora
The picture is from Nasseb Shaheen's A Pictorial History of Ramallah, published by Arab Institute for Research and Publishing in Beirut, 1992. The complete caption on p 187: Ramallah masons, ca 1925. Standing 1.-r:Jameel Baseel Harb,Ibrahim Ka'ibney, Hanna Salem Jaber, Khaleel Rashed, and Yousef Cadoura, who was mayor of Ramallah from 1943-47. Seated: 'Abdallah Dughman, . . . Saleem Shihadeh, Mogannam Mogannam, and . . .

Legally, one needs written permission from the publisher; however, I didn't get their permission . . .
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