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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Israel Offers Thirty-Three State Solution

"They don't want us in this country," says Terry Boullata, headmistress of a private school, and narrator of this powerful film which depicts Israel's institutionalized racism. "They couldn't believe they came to a land with people." The couldn't believe that they came to a land with people so they are erasing the people who have been in the land for thousands of years. "Yitzak Rabin said, 'Yes, they were here,' and they killed him. They really perceive us as inhuman."

Terry, a Jerusalemite, will soon need a permit to travel to the West Bank, so that her children may visit their father.

"A Palestine Woman" is a powerful film produced by alternate focus which clearly shows how Israel is Judaising Jerusalem, the international city of peace; it clearly depicts Israel's land confiscations and illegal movement of settlers on to stolen Palestinian land; it clearly shows that the wall's purpose is to absorb the settlers, the "masters of the land" into Israel and to put Palestinians in thirty-three isolated cantons; it clearly depicts the inhumanity and criminality which is Zionism.

I´ve used the video on my spanish webpage
Thanks umkahlil!

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