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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hillary Clinton Gives Palestine's Texts an "F"

Hillary Clinton in a Palestinian dress with traditional embroidery.

Hillary Clinton was on hand for the press conference announcing Itamar Marcus's publication of another of what Palestinian educator Gabriel Baramki calls "poisonous attacks" of Palestinian textbooks.

Wonder how many US textbooks Clinton scrutinized before she took on the daunting task of Palestine's Arabic texts?

Disheartening to see her align herself with an American-Israeli propagandist who gets paid to cherry pick items from the Palestinian media to aid Israel in its efforts to demonise Palestinians.

Marcus is an American and an illegal settler. Did I say that? The ones who hog up all the Palestinian water for themselves.

Hillary Clinton is supposed to represent American values.

Instead she hob-nobs with falsifiers of history and this occupier of stolen property, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention, while feigning concern for Palestinian children's education:

"These textbooks don't give Palestinian children an education, they give them an indoctrination."

Unfortunate, that one running for the highest office in the land considers respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "indoctrination." Marcus offers this poem (I am sure his Arabic is impeccable) from a textbook as an example of "the Palestinian demand that Israel accept millions of residents of refugee camps as part of a settlement is one of the chief obstacles to peace."

At the gates of Jaffa, oh my beloved,
And the disarray of the remains of the houses
Among the ruins and the thorns
I stood and told my eyes: Oh eyes
Let us cry
On the ruins of those who left and disappeared from them
The house calls for the one who built it.

Hillary Clinton and Itamar Marcus, ensconced in some neurotic denial that the Palestinians were not ethnically cleansed, expect Palestinian educators to join them in their neuroses, and twist Palestinians expressions of their right to return home as manifestations of hate and indoctrination.

Itamar Marcus's livelihood depends on demonising and misrepresenting Palestinians. Itamar Marcus is a "chief obstacle to peace."

And Hillary Clinton disgraces America's values and thumbs her nose at peace by embracing this textbook example of a bigot.

Hey Nancy

I agree with you that the way this issue was brought up in the senate hearing was out of context and designed only to degrade Palestinians as monsters.

Actually the Palestine Tv program in question was not to affirm the suicide bombing but to examine how kids feel towards it.

Having said this, I think we as Palestinians should be able to recognise that we have a problem when it comes to few aspects of our culture that evolved after the two intifadas.

The positive encouragement of kids participation in violent acts in some circles is not a healthy thing.

The glorification of suicide bombings, without examining the moral aspects of such acts, not to mention its impact on our struggle, is not a good thing.

The fact that the Palestine TV is so promitive is heart breaking thing.

We should not care about the Palestinian haters much, but we should care about our kids and the culture they grow in, and I think we have alot to do in this regard.
Thank you, Thameen, for your insightful comments.
suicide bombers are sacrifice bombers(or israeli weapons).
sacrifice bomber. not suicide bomber. some are controlled , manipulated by israel.
Ha'aretz on Hillary's source of info on PA schoolbooks, Itamar Marcus:

In recent years Marcus has been making a living translating and disseminating defamatory communications against Israel, extracted by his staff from Palestinian publications. Marcus, a settler, used to work for David Bar Illan, Benjamin Netanyahu's PR chief, and served on the Joint Israeli Palestinian Anti-incitement Committee. Marcus's center routinely feeds the media with excerpts from "Palestinian" textbooks that call for Israel's annihilation. He doesn't bother to point out that the texts quoted in fact come from Egypt and Jordan....
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