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Saturday, February 17, 2007


The Alley

This film shows the effect of sanctions and checkpoints on the economy. It was made in Balata Refugee Camp.

Part I:

Part II:

Right, the situation is miserable. Do you think it might get better if the Palestinians genuinely committed to a two-state solution, recognized Israel, renounced violence, and promised to abide by previously-signed agreements? Just a suggestion...
Martin Cooper, you are a perfect zio parrot. Have you considered asking the jewish state to abide by international agreements? There are at least tens and tens that have been have violated, and continue to be violated. As has been perfectly demonstrated on this site, violence against Palestinians has been taking place at least since 1948. Have you considered asking the jews to renounce violence? Since the jewish state is a "country" that has never bothered to define its borders (I wonder why?), just exactly which jewish state bound by which borders should the Palestinians recognize? Considering the preceding, your two-state solution statement is beneath comment.

You are defending a "state" that is based on colonial settlements, ethnic cleansing, and racial laws. Have you ever considered asking the jews only state to dencounce racism, stop their continuing ethnic cleansing, and renounce their colonial settlements?

Just one questions for you: Have you ever considred independent thought? If you did so, do you think your understanding of the situation might get better?
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