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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Israel Kills Seventeen Year Old Boy Looking for Work

The family on the ruins of their house demolished today in Sawahra al-Sharkiyeh on the edge of Jerusalem.
The little girl mourns her big brother, Mahran Zakariyya Abu Al Maseer, 17. An Israeli soldier shot him in the stomach today. He was trying to get into Israel to work.
Israel kills Palestinian children with impunity. From December 9, 1987 to December 9, 1989, Israel killed 159 Palestinian children sixteen and under. "In U.S. population terms, these numbers represent 9,680 American children killed." In 2006, Israel killed 153 Palestinian children.
Zionists will not bother to spin Mahran's death since a minimal number of people in the West will hear of the sad end to his short life.
His death has been reported in the following media:
Irish Independent Online
Mideast Conflict Slideshow
Ma'an News
Information on child deaths from First Intifada from Swedish Save the Children's "The Status of Palestinian Children during the Uprising in the Occupied Territories," Excerpted Summary Material, Jerusalem 1990 in Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. XIX, No. 4, Summer 1990.

I just followed a link here from Jews sans frontieres. That was a funny post about Massad. How did he like it?

I couldn't find your email address, so I'm sorry to be off topic. You might like to check my blog out: http://bureauofcounterpropaganda.blogspot.com/index.html
It's mainly about media coverage of Palestine and other issues, not specifically about the right of return, although I think you'll find that that's an udnerlying theme, even where I don't mention it explicitly. Of course I'd be flattered if you decided to link to it. In case it doesn't show up somewhere, my email is: erniehalfdram@yahoo.ca.
Just to let folk know that GPHRC that I am using as my homepage has been updated with a Report for January 2007 from Ramallah and environs

The good woman who is sending back these reports got a mention over at MediaLens.org forum
Before I left Britain I heard Israel claiming to want peace with the Palestinians.

As always, when it comes to eyewitness reports about how Palestinians are being treated by the Israeli Fourth Reich, it has to be read to be believed!
Belated Happy Burns Day to ernie halfdram!
I linked your post.
People must to know.


Victor from Milan.
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