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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


An Analytic Gap: Defining Values

"An increasing number of American Jews [pictured are Canadian immigrants] are finding the attraction of Israel irresistible, a draw to a country in which their religion is practiced by the majority of residents and where Jewish values are shared in schools, the workplace and government," writes Greg Krupa in Metro Jews Join US Exodus to Israel.
Palestinian refugees meet at the Lebanon-Israel barbed wire border. A scene from Mai Masri's Frontiers of Fields and Dreams.
Dear Mr. Krupa,

I have written to you before to compliment you regarding a positive story you wrote about Palestine.

I'm very sorry to see that you've wasted your talents writing an upbeat story on Aliyah for privileged U.S. Zionists.

I have so many friends and acquaintances who can't be buried in their hometowns because Israel refuses to implement Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states everyone has a right to leave his home and return to his home. Period. It's an inalienable right. Unless one is Palestinian.

When Palestinian kids get shot in the head for resisting a brutal occupation, I have to wonder why a talented journalist like yourself is facilitating their genocide by highlighting ethnic cleansers and even providing the names of agencies to facilitate their emigration from the US. Ethnic cleansing is a war crime. Despite what Zionist propaganda maintains, Palestinians were ethnically cleansed in 1947-48, hundreds of their villages demolished and the land grab and slow ethnic cleansing continues today.

You speak of Jewish values in your story, but don't define what Jewish values are. Obviously, comfortable US Zionist Jews, who choose to immigrate to a place in which the Palestinian deaths outnumbered Israelis 29-1 in 2006, place no value on the human and civil rights of Palestinians. Do you know that Israel appropriates eighty percent of Palestine's water for its own uses?

Tom Hayes, an independent film maker quotes Gandhi in a story he wrote about his experiences filming in the occupied territories and the media blockade he faced trying to get the film distributed.

"When you know the truth, the truth makes you a soldier.” Please be a soldier for truth, Mr. Krupa.


Sincerely yours,

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