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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Advent Pilgrimage Supports Open Bethlehem

Many Advents ago in Ramallah.

UK church leaders are making an advent pilgrimage to Behlehem. Laila Sansour of Open Bethlehem comments:

"The need to open Bethlehem to the world has never been more important. Bethlehem is witnessing serious waves of emigration due to the economic hardship imposed by the system of closure and the practices of Israeli occupation. The emigration is particularly pronounced among the Christian community. Our failure to act now will have a devastating effect on the cause of open democracy in the Middle East and on Christianity worldwide. We want to remind the world that all of us are citizens of Bethlehem. In the New Year, we urge everyone to follow in the footsteps of these distinguished pilgrims and take up their citizenship by visiting our town."

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