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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Old, too, are Victims of Genocidal Bigots

Young, old, Jewish supremacists do not discriminate when it comes to killing and maiming Palestinians. "Es ist egal," say the Germans; "It's all the same to me." This unidentified Palestinian woman was severely injured on November 4 in Beit Lahiya, Gaza. A former translator for Yasir Arafat had an apartment across from his headquarters and during the siege soldiers for Israel's Wehrmacht took it over. She recalls that the worst aspect of being imprisoned in her home was the horrible toll it took on her mother, and she is certain that the presence of the soldiers in her home hastened her mother's death. My mother is certain that when I spoke to my sick father about the barbarity of Israel that it hastened demise as well. We are all victims in one way or another of this despicable, genocidal nation of bigoted immigrants.  Posted by Picasa

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