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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Miri from Mirin, Mouthpiece for Murder

There on the left is Miri Eisen. In 1970 her parents, active in the Marin County Jewish community, moved to Israel, evidently unconcerned about the ethnic cleansing, demolition of villages, and dispossession of Palestine's indigenous people that the creation of a Jewish state entailed. Eisen serves her fascist Jewish supremacist State well.

Back in 2002 according to the hideous hasbara outfit, The Israel Project,"Miri was the spokeswoman who helped expose a staged Palestinian funeral."

However, what the footage actually showed, according to The Palestinian Society for Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (LAW) was "a group of children "playing 'funeral' near the cemetary in Jenin."

Eisen, the racist spinmeister said, "they [Palestinians] tried to fabricate evidence of funerals to inflate the number of their dead."

It is the business of this bigoted racist "murdering minister" from Marin County to propagate hideous lies on behalf of the Jews preferred and privileged state.

"I am proud both as an Israeli, an officer and an American whose parents made aliya (moved to Israel) of what Israel does," says Eisen on her Israel Project biography.

Also pictured above is Abed Salman, 10, another notch in the belt for Eisen's Jewish supremacist warlords. Abed was buried yesterday in Gaza. According to Yasser Bardasawi, of The Center for Cultural Affairs and the Right of Return for Refugees in Nablus, Israel, among other provocations, deliberately targets Palestinian youth. He was referring to a "programmed policy" against Balata and Al Ein refugee camps in the West Bank.

From 16 November - 23 November, Israel's Occupation Forces killed five children, three women, and an old man, injuring forty-one children and one woman.

Fatma An-Najar (in the photo above, a relative holds her picture), by now the famous grandmother suicide bomber, was a victim of the bigoted Jewish Supremacists from places like upscale Marin County. According to Fatma's daughter: "They [Israelis] destroyed her house, they killed her grandson-- (my son). Another grandson is in a wheelchair with an amputated leg."

Another recent victim of Eisen's Jewish Supremacist state is Najwa Khalif, a young kindergarten teacher, killed in a blue mini schoolbus while she was "sitting in the middle seat with her young son Wasim, 3, on her knees and her daughter Manar, 5, beside her."

Imagine three year olds with their legs sliced off (it happened in Beit Hanoun), kindergarden teachers killed in front of their students, a finance minister forced to appear in court in chains in a wooden cage. Imagine how Fatma felt when her house was demolished by well off people from places like Marin County who decided to come to the place in which you and your family have lived for generations and kick you out so that they can find themselves and their Jewish identity.

I can not comprehend what it must be like to be Miri from Marin, Israel's mouthpiece for murder, but I do know that this Jewish Joachim von Ribbentrop (Hitler's minister of propaganda) faces new challenges putting a spin on ethnic cleansing, child murder, and bombing poor people in refugee camps, which don't have one tree, let alone the lovely forests of Marin County, where Miri lived once upon a time.

And there is hope, for it seems that despite Israel's "look like the flower, but serpent underneath's" best efforts, Miri's Jewish supremacist state's image isn't doing too well. In fact, as far as Israel's "image" goes, it ranks dead last among the world's countries.

Could be that decent, fair-minded and peace-loving people don't take too well to Eisen's flip response, "ludicrous," to a proposal by Palestinian factions to stop rocket fire in return for a stop to Israel's offensive operations in the West Bank and Gaza.

Evidently, four hundred Palestinian deaths since June in Gaza is a mere trifle for Marin County's mouthpiece for murder. Palestinians will continue to be maimed, killed, humiliated, and harassed in their real homeland while racist Jewish supremacists from Marin County, Peru, and India usurp their lives and property.

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