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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Kafr Qasem, 1956; Beit Hanoun, 2006

" Watching the women be killed in this cold manner affects the wounded Ibrahim Masarwa beyond what he could bear. He struggled with his wounds and returned to the scene of the killing, yelling and cursing the cowardly killers and challenging them to kill him also.

"Predictably, the soldiers do kill Masarwa as he approaches the fence. Witnesses said that they saw his blood on the fence on Wednesday afternoon when everyone went out in mass to look. " Samia Halaby, MEMORIAL on the 50th Anniversary of the Kafr Qasem Massacre
Posted by Picasa The brave women of Beit Hanoun, who went to the mosque to protect their men, seeking sanctuary there from Israel's occupation army. Two of these women, as yet unidentified in the western press, were murdered, although they were unarmed. It must have been their indomitable will that provoked Israel's occupying army to fire tank shells at them.

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