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Sunday, October 08, 2006


IOF Shoots Palestinian Farmers Trying to Enter Their Land

Walid Khalidi in Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians, 1876-1948, calls the Jaffa orange "the Palestinian gift to the world" (131).

Sadly, today the Jaffa orange is associated with the Zionist usurpers.

Today in the Cora Store in Forbach, France, I picked up some fresh dates. I was fully prepared to spend four Euros for a few dates on the little branch until I saw that they were from Israel. I also noticed candied dates from "Israel" amongst the baklava and knafi.

Before buying a product from the people from Europe and America who steal land and then pass off Palestinian traditional products as their own, consider the Palestinian farmers in Tulkarem. Maan News reports "Israeli forces shot at Palestinian farmers on their farms in Tulkarem area on Saturday." Farmers trying to enter their land were shot at by the soldiers of the blight unto the nations. And to think that I felt bad because the snooty vegetable hawker in Cora admonished me for picking up the dates without buying them.

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