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Monday, October 30, 2006


Bigoted American and European Immigrants Revel in Children's Deaths

"Israel is determined to fight terror...we intend to continue our operations there [Gaza] and carry out pinpoint operations."

Israel's Minister of Propaganda and apologist for child slaughter, Miri Eisen, transplanted American Jew who makes her home on stolen land. Posted by Picasa
Agence France Presse 30 October 2006

"Mr. Olmert also said the military had killed about 300 armed Palestinians in the past four months, according to Ms. Eisin."

October 30, New York Times

Of the Palestinian deaths in Gaza over the last three months:

137 under the age of 16
29 were women
12 were old men above the age of 60
42 were killed inside their homes

Dr Abu Hasanein

Palestinian director of ambulances and emergencies

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