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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Wilson's Reporting Facilitates Genocide

Zionist thugs in uniforms rampaged through Gaza today, killing three teenage boys, beating up a deaf man, shooting point blank at his wife and prohibiting ambulances entry as she and another civilian bled to death for four hours. Scott Wilson, reporter for the Washington Post, but coming across as the Public Affairs Officer for Israel's Occupation Forces, whitewashes the slaughter.

"The children were killed and their bodies torn to pieces," reports Palestine Center For Human Rights Gaza. Their names: Ala Saqer Dahrouj Abu Dahrouj (15); Zeidan Rafiq Mohammad Abu Rashid (16); and Mohammad Selmi Mohammad Masalha (17).

Maybe their names are a little too long for Scott Wilson of the Washington Post, ["Five Killed in the Gaza Strip"], whose story is little more than a paraphrase of the Israeli Army spokesperson.

Wilson spends much time rationalizing the murder of these young shepherds by emphasizing they were in the vicinity of rocket launchers. After reporting that "at least" five Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip today, Wilson waxes in the third paragraph about a broken "water pipe" in Sderot; it's not until the seventh paragraph that we learn a thirty-five year old woman,Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar, was killed by Israeli tank fire in Um El-Naser, northeast of Rafah. Wilson doesn't mention her name; none of the murdered Palestinians' names are mentioned by the Washington Post reporter.

He does not mention that an Israeli soldier fired directly at her when she protested their storming her house and beating up her deaf husband after some youths had fled there to escape the gestapo-like death squads. She was left to bleed to death and ambulances were forbidden to reach her. Another civilian, "Mohammad Suliman Abu Mo'ammar (28), bled to death from gunshot wounds in the left thigh and right hand."

They were left to bleed to death for four hours. And while these modern day huns were at it in Gaza, they completely destroyed 13 houses.

Wilson quotes or paraphrases Israeli military officials eight times in his story. When he's not quoting them he supplies background information to take the edge of Israel's barbarism:

"Palestinian gunmen flee quickly after firing the crude, erratic rockets, often hiding in the labyrinths of Gaza's crowded residential neighborhoods. Many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire after wandering into those staging areas soon after a rocket is launched."

Palestinians are paraphrased twice by Wilson: "Israeli military officials confirmed that artillery fire had been directed at three men, who Palestinian witnesses described as teenagers," and "Palestinian health officials reported that a 35-year-old mother was killed by a tank round in the Rafah fighting and an adult male was killed by gunfire."

Wilson even quotes an Israeli military official blaming the Palestinians for their own deaths, "An Israeli army spokesperson said Thursday, 'If the launcher was left on the ground, then these people were victims of those who left it there.'"

Wilson's reprehensible reporting facilitates Israel's genocide.

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