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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Action Alert: Fight Hollyocrisy : : Sign the Petition

Action Alert

Fight Hollyocrisy :: Sign the Petition

Eighty-four celebrities, mainly from Hollywood, published a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety on August 16.

The advertisement whitewashes Israel's state sponsored terrorism and condemns its victims.

The celebrities' statement is hypocritical; on the one hand they claim to promote justice, freedom and peace on the screen, while on the other hand, they deny the right of Palestinians and Lebanese to attain their freedom and to live in peace in their independent states, the only just solution to the Middle East conflict.

Action 1:

Sign the Petition to the Signatories Here

Action 2:

Please help spreading the message widely by:

1 - posting this action alert in your blog, website and public forums

2- forwarding it to your mailing list

3- placing the petition banners in your blog, website and email signature (you can find the banners here)




Please give it few minutes of your time

Together We Can Make the Difference


Nancy Harb Almendras

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