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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


US Housewife Affirms American Values in Denouncing Israel

RE: Israeli Refugees Seek Friends and Families



From Annie's Letters

Dear Editor,

Israel, racist Israel, has displaced all of Palestine and denied full and equal rights to millions of innocent and vulnerable people, preferring to vilify them, imprison them and bomb their their refugee camps... and the New York Times headlines "Israeli Refugees" !!!

Israel is a haven for immigrant bigots and fools who have embraced Nazi tactics , including a massive propaganda campaign aimed at creating hate to empower war. Israel is America's enemy..

Sorry Olmert- you are quoted on MSNBC news today that you (Israel) will attack anyone who denies Israel's right to exit- Well I, an American housewife, a loyal loving gentle pacifist and patriotic American citizen who believes in the rule of fair and just laws and our Constitution and bill of rights, including freedom to worship, and freedom of speech, do hereby totally and publicly deny racist Israel's right to exist.

I, an American housewife who likes gardens and books, not bullets and bombs, do hereby and publicly condemn all who buy into political Zionism and that monstrous Israeli made apartheid wall dividing and destroying the Holy Land...,

I denounce you Israel for your bigotry and brutality and your hate mongering and your bully tactics. I denounce you Israel for interfering in America's Congress and in manipulating American opinion to back your hate mongering wars. And I denounce you Israel for slaughtering children and then slandering righteous indignation. And I denounce your propagandists !

I denounce you racist Israel and I believe with every fiber of my American being that political Zionism is totally toxic ideology and a war on all of humanity... and I say- with compassion- end the lie and the crime called ISRAEL !

Anne Selden Annab

In my humble opinion "Palestinians" were squaters on the land...just like every other civilization was who inhabited that area. remember the so called palestinians came with the murderous arab conquest and deposed the squaters that were there before them, which of course were the Jews and Christians. So, why should you have that land. what type of government did you have prior to the nakbah? who was your head of state. what did your flag look like? Again in my humble opinion, the Jews have more of a stake in that part of the world than Palestinians, especially muslims who are trying to subjugate other religions. How can you honestly say that Jews have no right to that land. do you pay attention to history...do you know archaeology? You are the means to you and your own childerens doom. If you say im wrong than talk to me. I would love to learn more and hear other opinions. I jsut ask that others remain opened minded as well.
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