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Monday, August 07, 2006


Of Tyre and Transplants

The coffin is that of David Lelchook, transplanted twenty years ago from Boston to occupied Palestine. One wonders by what twisted logic and moral compass he reasoned he could make himself at home in a land to which he is not indigenous in which the transplants have subjected the native population to vilification, demonisation, demolitions, assasinations, apartheid, genocide, land theft, ecocide.

The residents of Tyre are fleeing. Arabs are always fleeing onslaughts of the "light unto the nations," in order that the anachronistic Israel may continue policies that went out with the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; i.e, colonialism and racism.

The little boy walks in the ruins of his home in Rafah Refugee Camp. Israelis, who hail from places like the Ukraine and the US, possess a special inner strength that enables them to demolish poor people's homes. Israelis possess a special honor that enables them to immigrate from all over the world to the "light unto the nations" regardless of the fact that Israel is responsible for 7.2 million Palestinian refugees and now upwards of one million; i.e., one-quarter of its population, Lebanese refugees.

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