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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Lebanese Go Home to Devastated Villages While Palestinians Still Wait and Resist

Bloggers For Implementation Of Right OF Return, Please Write nancyharb2001@yahoo.com or Leave a Comment So That I May Link To You As A Blogger Who Supports Implementation Of ROR.

In Askar Refugee Camp near Nablus, August 15, Palestinian boys resist Israel's invasion of their home.

A Lebanese woman returns to the South, August 15, 2006.

Gold is removed from a dead Lebanese woman's hand. She was killed by an Israeli rocket.

Palstinians expelled from Jalil (Galilee) go towards Lebanon in 1948. To this day they have been denied by Israel their inalienable right to return home in violation of UN Resolution 194 and in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I've noticed that Israel's barbaric attack on Lebanon has galvanized this generation of those of Arabic background, just like Sabra/Shatila did for an earlier generation, and 1967 did for my generation. Remember every poem, every story, every blog post, every work of art, every conversation may serve to educate westerners about the very simple and humane solution for lasting peace in the Middle East: the inalienable right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their home.

Here's a very nice video by the Brazilian political cartoonist Latuff here. He has advice for what anyone may do to further peace in the Middle East.

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