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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Effects of Institutionalized Bigotry More Pernicious Than Gibson's Drunken Tirade

Letter to the LA Times in response to its August 20 editorial, "Shun Mel Gibson":

Dear Editor:

Mel Gibson deserves condemnation for his bigoted tirade [Shun Mel Gibson, August 20]. Indeed bigotry in all its forms, including Israel's institutionalized bigotry that precludes a Palestinian within Israel proper from being joined by a Palestinian spouse from outside Israel, that subjects Palestinian-Americans at Tel Aviv Airport to indignities, including handicapped comedian Maysoon Zaid's recent experience in which she was deprived of her sanitary napkin and left naked in an airport room to bleed, that deems Palestinans' rights relative; i.e., one expelled from his or her personal property in 1948, may not return home, while any Jew from all over the world may immigrate to Israel and become an instant citizen. Certainly the effects of state sponsored bigotry are more pernicious than one man's drunken outburst.

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