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Monday, August 07, 2006


CNN Lauds Jewish Supremacist American Family For Moving to Israel


Here we have a nauseating video of the American Fishcher family from Maryland, who CNN thinks are pretty brave for deciding to move to Israel now. Gary Nurenberg, the correspondent just effuses admiration for the "plucky" couple with three kids. How disgusting that CNN finds these racist colonialist supremacists brave for moving to a country, ninety-two percent of which was stolen from the indigenous Palestinians. Have the producers of CNN ever taken a history course? Don't we admire Gandhi for his efforts in ridding India of British colonial rule? And the British didn't demolish homes, bomb the natives, and routinely shoot kids through the heart and head. Didn't we outlaw Jim Crow laws in the US? Don't the Fishers represent everything which the US is not? In fact aren't the Fischers undermining our American values and contributing to engendering hatred for our country? By what twisted logic do these upper middle class American Jews get to immigrate, with subsidies provided, to a country that is responsible for 7.2 million Palestinian refugees and now one million Lebanese refugees? Oh, they're supporting the light unto the nations that bombs poor disabled kids seeking shelter in a basement without even bathroom facilities. This Fischer family is immoral and reprehensible and CNN is facilitating genocide every time it treats racist supremacists as anything other than what they are. Think about the Palestinian and Lebanese children that cowardly Israeli transplant soldiers from all over the world kill daily so that Mr. Fischer can feel "Jewish" in someone else's land. Show me some real heros, CNN, not these spoiled American morally bereft usurpers and racists.

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