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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Blogger Focuses on Right of Return

Right of return is the core, the center, the heart, what Zionists of all persuasions want to eliminate from the discourse. According to Annie Annab the real battle being waged is against Zionist ideology which is "Israel versus full freedom and rights for all regardless of race or religion - and regardless of whether or not the form of government is a democracy."

I would like to call readers' attention to an excellent posting recently from a blogger who supports the implemetation of right of return.

From Akram's Bonsoir, a moving song, and a leaflet with pertinent information about universal law and United Nations' Resolutions which pertain to Palestinians' inalienable right of return.

We call upon everyone to pressure Israel to respect
the right of return of all Palestinian refugees,
concludes Akram.

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