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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Welcome to Palestine's Children


Check out this new and public yahoo group: Palestine's Children.

What is Palestine's Children?

Palestine's Children is a new list just finding itself. We believe that Palestine should be fully free and that all God's children are equal... however due to the existence of Israel as the Jewish State Palestinian voices have been oppressed and very much pushed aside. Therefore, we prefer not to be yet another forum for Jewish voices at this point in time. We prefer to be a forum for Arab voices. That will change when Palestine really is fully free. No hate mongering here please. We believe in American ideals and Palestinian freedom.

Palestine's Children includes Palestinian poetry, artwork, short stories, refugee information, and timely articles with the focus on Palestinian artists and writers.

Cannes Best Foreign Film winning director Hani Abu Assad said: "When you are the underdog in the fight, your weak position gives you the opportunity to fight on the side of beauty. When you only have beauty to express yourself, to fight with, then you establish a feeling for beauty, for how you create from the ugly side of civilization."

We hope that Palestine's Children will create in its readers a feeling for the beauty that is Palestine.

Palestine's Children


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