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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Under Cover of its Carnage in Lebanon, Israel Pummels Gaza, Nablus

Now, under cover of the carnage it's exacting in Lebanon, Israel is free to operate with virtually no one the wiser in Gaza and the West Bank. Of course, it helps when the reporters are shot; Israel has attacked seven reporters in ten days with gas and shots, and ransacked the Palestine News Agency. The IOF has also denied entry to the occupied territories to all people with foreign passports, thus fully free to unleash its reign of terror, replaying Kristalnacht over and over through its use of drones, bulldozers, apache attack heliocopters, F-16s, and tanks against a largely defenseless occupied population.

In a sad update to the Wednesday carnage in Al Maghazi refuge camp, in the evening Israel's Occupation Forces killed a mother and her child and a twenty year old male, totalling nine kills in Al Maghazi for the IOF yesterday.

Please read Rami Almeghari's "A Story from Maghazi Refugee Camp":

Now I have heard that two of my relatives were killed in the ongoing attack.....I'll have to attend their funerals this afternoon. Will Israeli forces attack the funeral? Lately every time there is a funeral, their warplanes buzz overhead, dropping bombs on the attendees and making more funerals necessary. I just hope the next one will not be my own, or that of my dear, dear children.

Palestinians in the past century have found safe shelters to which they have fled. It now seems we have only one choice -- staying in our homes under candlelight. This is the story of Palestinian refugees. Now, in the 21st century, I ask Israel -- where else do you want us to go? It seems that you just want us all to die, and no one in the world seems to care.

Post to follow on Nablus.

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