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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sadistic Collective Punishment Spreads Fear

Dr. Fawwaz Abu Sitta, Economics Professor at Al-Azhar University, who lives near the Palestinian Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

"The recurrence of this terrible deed [Israel's second bombing of the foreign ministry] without any effort from anyone to stop it makes one feel bitter and hopeless. In addition, one feels the inability to act and avoid the bombardment, despite fully expecting it before hand. Repeating the bombardment of a target that has no military or material value makes this bombardment a form of sadistic collective punishment; because bombing a second time is only for spreading fear among civilians in the homes around the building; and their homes were damaged by the bombardment. This act has transgressed the boundary of standard collective punishment and has become sadistic collective punishment as it entails punishing civilians in their homes. This is what one feels directly after the bombardment when hearing the screams of children and women, and the state of shock and anxiety. It is very scary, and cannot be compared to a state of shock in any other calamity. It is a state of shock unique for this kind of calamity."

Spreading fear defines Zionism.

In Beit Hanoun Palestine Center For Human Rights Gaza reports:

"Most of the town is under direct IOF occupation. Many families were forced to flee their houses due to indiscriminate IOF shelling. IOF troops have taken over residential structures and converted them into military outposts, while detaining hundreds of civilians, including journalists, inside. IOF use these detained civilians as human shields during bulldozing and detention operations. IOF have prevented the Red Cross and some relief organizations from accessing the area."

Mohannad Sa'ad Mosbih, 16, was shot and killed by an Israeli death squad while he was standing on the rooftop of his parent's home in Beit Hanoun.

Director of Public Relations at Shifa'a hospital Dr. Muawya Hassanein said "Muhammed Al Kafarnah, 21, was shot by Israeli forces in front of his home in the town of Beit Hanoun."

On Sunday two resistance fighters Abdel Latif Othman Obeid (20) and Ali Maher Atallah (20) from Jabalia Refugee Camp were killed by IOF rockets.

According to PCHR, Israel's occupation forces are shelling all Palestinian border areas, Beit Hanoun is almost fully occupied, and people from Rafah are forcibly fleeing their homes.

According to OCHA, 36 people from Beit Hanoun, with a population of 32,597, were killed by the IOF during four Israeli invasions between April 17, 2001-August 5, 2004. IOF soldiers have also destroyed wells, private businesses, damaged a school, demolished houses with people still in them, and have "extensively levelled citrus orchards." Doctors Without Borders reported in 2003: In some cases, the families inside the razed homes were given no warning and had to jump out of the windows in order to save themselves. "We had only a minute to leave," declared one man. The families were unable to take anything with them and are now homeless and left without any of their belongings. Others were trapped in their own homes and denied access to water, before being thrown out several days later.

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