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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Real holocaust in Gaza

9 July, 2000

By Khalid Amayreh

There is a real holocaust taking place in the Gaza Strip these days. Mothers and their children are exterminated by artillery bombardment and air-to-ground missiles, civilians are bombed from land, air and sea, homes are leveled to the ground, universities are attacked by F-16 warplanes, boarding schools are hit with hell-fire missiles, power stations and bridges are destroyed and farms and orchards and groves are wantonly bulldozed, turning a previously verdant terrain into wasteland.

And above that, nearly a million and a half hopeless souls are blockaded and denied access to food, water, and work, with anyone venturing to escape riddled with bullets or hunted down from above.

This is not all. Israeli leaders, who bear Jewish names but do Nazi acts, had the brazen audacity to warn Gazans to start packing, or else.

On Saturday, 8 July, another Israeli missile hit another Palestinian home, annihilating another Palestinian family. Thus, a mother and her two children, a six-year-old girl whose brain was seen dangling from her head, and an older boy, were added to the long, long list of victims of Judeo-Nazism.

According to eyewitnesses, the victims were taking dinner when a missile penetrated their home, killing the three on the spot while mutilating and maiming the remaining members of the family.

This is the third time in a month the Israeli army exterminates a family in Gaza. On 9 June, an Israeli artillery shelling exterminated 7 members of the Ghalya family while picnicking on the Sudaniya beach.

A few days later, another family was slaughtered when Israeli warplanes rocketed cars traveling on a congested street in downtown Gaza, killing three people of the same family. Still a week later, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired missiles into a home, killing a pregnant woman and her visiting brother, a physician, who was visiting from Saudi Arabia.

So, the pornographic carnage continues unabated, while arrogant Israeli leaders are gleefully boasting that the Palestinians are being abandoned by an indifferent international community.

Does this make Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz and Dan Halutz feel good? Do they feel they are finally avenging the holocaust by slaughtering Palestinian children with impunity as the Nazis slaughtered Jewish children with impunity?

I understand that the willing disciples of Hitler will claim that what is going in Gaza is a war against terror?

Well, the real terror comes from manifestly racist and criminal state that is hell-bent on subjugating, tormenting and more or less murdering helpless Palestinians, long persecuted and dispossessed, all for the purpose of arrogating the remainder of their homeland.

Indeed, what terror is greater than firing huge artillery shells into the heart of civilian neighborhoods? What terror is greater than raining bombs and missiles on civilian homes and then blaming the victims for getting killed, maimed and mutilated?

Besides, a war takes place between armies, not between a nuclear state, with the world’s fourth strongest army and a predominantly civilian population with virtually no real means to defend themselves.

Yes, there are a few hundred lightly-armed and poorly trained Palestinian youngsters in Gaza who are trying desperately but valiantly to put up a semblance of resistance to the Wehrmacht-like Jewish army.

However, the fact that casualty figure ratio is 50-1 or even a 100-1 in Israel’s favor shows that what is happening in Gaza is a real massacre, not a war or semblance of a war.

In fact , it is factually and morally right to compare the heroic Palestinian resistance to Israel’s Nazi-like army to the desperate but valiant resistance that the defenders of Ghetto Warsaw put up to the Gestapo and SS forces.

It is sad but inescapable that comparisons of this kind have to be drawn. It is the Zionists, whose actions and behaviors have conspicuous Nazi elements, who have made such comparisons inevitable as well as justified.

After all, we see that Israel, through a diabolical combination of lethal military force and a nefariously racist ideology, is playing the role of the Nazis while the thoroughly persecuted and encircled Palestinians are very much finding themselves in the shoes of the Jews of Europe prior to and during WWII.

I know many Jews would vociferously protest such an analogy in an effort to safeguard the holocaust industry.

However, I would want to remind these hypocrites and fanatics that more people have been killed by conventional means, tanks, war planes and simply bullets than by gas chambers.

Characteristic mendacity

Israeli military and political leaders, inured in mendacity from cradle to grave, claim they don’t murder children and civilians deliberately.

Well, what do these reptile-terrorists expect to happen when they order their Abrams and Merkava tanks to fire their huge artillery shells into crowded streets? Do they expect the bombs of death to morph into aromatic roses caressing the tender faces of innocent kids in Beit Lahya and Beit Hanun?

In light, the inescapable truth is that Olmert, Pertz, Peres, Halutz are evil war criminals who should one day receive their dues as the Nazi criminals got theirs in Nuremberg.

War criminals and child killers, whether bearing Jewish or German names, must be made to pay for their crimes. Otherwise, the world will morph into a jungle and humanity will find itself on a sure course to destruction and extinction.

Finally, it is lamentable that the governments of Europe are succumbing to a disgraceful silence while the helpless Palestinians are slaughtered like sheep at the slaughterhouse.

What happened to European conscience? Have the evil neo-cons across the Atlantic killed European morality and sense of fairness?

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