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Friday, July 14, 2006


'Palestinians Blow Up Israeli Cabinet'

"They were planning attacks on us," said Sa'eb Erekat. With apologies to Ali Abunimeh, who has great radio interviews here and here

Mohammed Omar struck by shrapnel while he was taking pictures but he is OK.

Today on CNN my senator, Barbara Boxer, parrotted typical propaganda...in spite of the hundreds of dead in Ghaza and Lebanon, the damage to the infrastructure, Israel's violation of the Geneva Convention, Israel's cowardly response of targeting civilians when its military targets were attacked, her concern was that Israel was being punished. Israel left Gaza, she said. This is a point that Israel's habarists mention at every opportunity, leaving out that Israel controls what comes in and out of Gaza and Israel controls the air and the sea. Barbara Boxer referred to the armed soldiers as being "kidnapped."

I think CNN's anchor must find Regev, Israel's press spokesperson as slimy as I do. He really raked him over when he asked why Israel didn't just negotiate a prisoner exchange. The modern day Goebbels said that there was just no comparison, that Palestinian prisoners had access to trials. Now, normally Zionist News Network anchors would stop there, but this anchor persisted and actually brought up administrative detentions, in which Palestinans are detained and are not even told why they are detained and are denied access to a trial, not to mention the scores of Palestinians detained in order to enlist as collaborators.

Did you notice the IOF Spokesperson on CNN, Erik Snyder,who spoke as if he just made Aliyah from Iowa to Israel yesterday.

As ever, I'm always perusing the whacked out Aliyah bloggers, this one has some friendly advice for Palestinians, advising them to just take back their streets from the terrorists. Yep, just take back the streets from those terrorists who resist New Yorkers transplanting themselves to your stolen territory, stealing your water, setting up Jews only roads, chopping down your olive trees, poisoning your wells, killing your sheep, and then blogging about how damned superior they are to the natives.

Quote of the Day from Ali Abunimeh:

"Israel is complaining now that its sovereign territory
was violated by Hizballah... When did Israel ever respect
the sovereign territory of any of its neighbors? Israel
occupied Southwest Syria. There are 30,000 Israeli
settlers cultivating wine and enjoying the Golan Heights
and claiming God gave it to them."

Angry Arab has some good analysis of Lebanon.

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