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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Miami Herald Publishes Letter Criticising Ghitis's Taste in Arab Bloggers

My letter (without my name maybe because the Miami Herald didn't contact me by phone here in Germany)was published today. I will include the links to the bloggers that I cited, which I'd included in my letter but weren't printed.

Posted on Sun, Jul. 16, 2006

Arab opinions

In her July 8 column, Arab blogs criticize Israel, Arab leaders, Frida Ghitis quotes several nonrepresentative Arab bloggers whom she considers ''progressive.'' SandMonkey, the darling of the Israeli blogosphere, blogs anonymously, as does Big Pharoah. Ghitis also provides no identities for those whose comments are buried deep inside the pages of Arabic newspapers that she cites.

She should explore some Arab bloggers whose identities are known and whose ideas do not mesh with neo-con ideology: Mona El-Farra, Laila El-Haddad, Mohammed Omar, As'ad AbuKhalil and Amal Amireh, for instance.

AbuKhalil consistently criticizes Arab governments, but not at the expense of the Palestinians. They provide much-needed information regarding the toll exacted upon the non-Jewish population over which Israel reigns. Israel's pullout from Gaza was merely to provide cover for its consolidation of its illegal occupation of the West Bank; Gazans have no control over their borders, air space or sea, just as Ghitis' mostly anonymous ''Arabs'' provide her cover for justification of war crimes.

Wiesbaden, Germany






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