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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Israel's Gunner Shells and Kills Two Palestinian Refugee Kids

Have to distinguish in the headline that Israel murdered two Palestinian kids today since its cowardly army is also busy fracturing, maiming, burning, and murdering children in Lebanon. The people who came from all over the world to steal ninety-two percent of our land are finishing what they started in earnest in 1948. The people of no shame, the people whose arrogance and supremacism have no boundaries, like the transplant aliyah blogger from the US, barely in historic Palestine one year who cries, "Haifa, My Haifa." The ignorant people who justify their massacres by believing that Gaza really was free to build its own economy, forgetting Israel controls the air, Israel controls the sea, Israel controls the land, Israel determines whether they eat or drink or swelter in the sun. The ignorant people who vilify Nasrallah, who blithely call him Satan, ignorant that almost every Shite in South Lebanon regards him as a hero for driving the Israelis out of Lebanon, the ignorant people who cite quisling Arabs who have absolutely no credibility with their own people to lend crediblity to their sick plunder, their sick massacres, their incessant lies. The people who drove us from our homes in 1948 and then shot those who attempted to return, the people who stole our lovely houses, our jewelry, our furniture. The same people whose minions in the western press daily vilify and malign us. The people who unleash their horrors on the poor, whom they advise to leave, and who, in echos of 1948 when they shot at boats leaving Jaffa port, shoot at as they flee, the people who shoot at us while we're coming, while we're going, while we're in our homes, while we're engaged in mundane activities. The people who claim that they just want to live a "normal" life, but who have turned the Middle East into an inferno to satisfy their lust for other people's property. The homewrecking, baby killing insanely cruel and brutal immigrants who chose not to live among the indigenous people of the land, but who chose to annihilate them.

This is part of the horror they unleashed today in El-Maghazi Refugee Camp. According to Palestine Center for Human Rights, Gaza, Israel's psychotic occupation forces 1.5 kilometers inside the Gaza Strip put their wretched snipers on rooftops, took over people's houses and started shooting at civilians and resistance fighters protecting an area in Abu Sa'id area, near El-Maghazi Refugee Camp. Omar Farhan Abu Moheisen, 32, was killed, "the fourth member of his family killed" during the Intifada.

Within the refugee camp they riddled resistance fighter, Sa'ed Sami Qandil, 21, who was defending his home, with bullets.

The cowardly bullies used "heavy armored vehicles and bulldozers supported by helicopters and unmanned drones."

They fired a rocket at two resistance fighters,Fuad Abu Osheiba, 20, and Mohammad Omar El-Bashiti, 25 and then sliced off the leg of the medic Anwar Abdel Rahman Abu Holi, 43, who was attending to them.

Ali Kamel El-Najjar, 16 and Ahmad Ali El-Na'ami, also 16, were killed by a valiant Israeli soldier's tank shell. What kind of monster fires a tank shell at a kid in his own neighborhood? What manner of man? What whacked out sick racist pervert drops a one ton bomb on residential dwellings.

According to Maan: "The indiscriminate shelling since the start of the attack on El-Maghazi caused the injury of another 49 Palestinians, raising the number of injured to 65, including 12 children.

"The Israeli forces also launched a missile at the Yasir Abu Holi mosque, causing damage to the mosque."

This is Israel, this is the sick society that touts itself as the "light unto the nations." This is the army that prides itself on its "purity of arms." This is a society of the brainwashed; this is the society of the criminal; this is the society that will be defeated because in spite of its manifold attempts to put a lovely face on its depravity, it is rotten to the core.

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