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Monday, July 24, 2006


Israelis Kill Three Teenagers 'In Cold Blood Without Guilt or Reason'

Israel's Occupation Forces, representing a country that sits on ninety-two percent of land which it stole from the Palestinians in 1948, land to which Palestinians still have deeds, shot three kids in Jenin today: 16 year old Wael Ahmed, 16 year old Ala Farhanh, and 18 year old Husam Mahmoud Sa’adi.

Israel, which refuses to implement Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13, Section 2, which states that "Every man may leave his home and return to his home," displaying their usual immorality and inhumanity did not let ambulances access the youths.

At Husam's funeral a relative eulogized him: “He was in the flower of youth, 18 years old, however, the Israelis killed him in cold blood without guilt or reason.”

But they have their reasons. Dr.Harold Sternlicht, American, recently immigrated to Israel. He says: "I believe that Israel is God's gift to the Jews, and that's where we belong." And his God, evidently, believes Palestinians belong in their graves.

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