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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Israel: The Home Wrecking Machine

Palestinian Refugee in Greece today and evacuated Gaza refugee kids. Israel spares no Palestinian. The poor kids who pray "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep," are very likely to get murdered while they are sleeping (a specialty of war criminal Halutz)and the intelligent ones, like Ghassan Kanafani and Kamal Nasser are likely to be assasinated. But I have faith that we will go home to visit our parents' and grandparents' graves and to rebuild our demolished villages in the shade of the fig trees that still grow. We will go home to a free and whole Palestine because that it the natural order of things. All great literature does not end in a truncated or stunted fashion, endings are about reconciliation and coming together. Consider our necklaces; did you ever see one with a bunch of little bantustans? Just like the representation of Palestine on our necklaces, Palestine will one day be reconciled to itself, we will all go home again, and we will forget the bitter days.

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