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Friday, July 07, 2006


IOF Wage Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza, West Bank

Crimes against humanity occur not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank. On 7 July 2006 at 11:00 GMT, Palestine Center for Human Rights,Gaza reported 24 Palestinians killed by Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip and 2 killed in the West Bank, 115 others injured. IOF entered a mourning house in Jenin where Zakaria Zubeidi, a popular resistance leader, was. Zubeidi's mother, Samira, donated the top floor of her house for Arna Mer Khamis's theater. Her efforts with Zakaria and his friends, now all dead except for Zakaria were documented by her son, Juliano in the moving film Arna's Children. According to PCHR, Zubeidi escaped, however the IOF kidnapped five, including sixteen year old Ahmad Eid Ibrahim Naghnagheya, who died. Eighteen others were injured. Maan News is reporting that thousands attended the teenager's funeral.

In Nablus, Tamer Fathi Abdel Fattah Qandil, 21, was killed resisting the invading Israelis. In their ususal fashion, IOF refused the ambulance access to him; he bled to death, but the Jewish state's soldiers put a couple of bullets in his head to confirm their kill, according to eyewitnesses.

The guardians of the racist and genocidal Zionist state are operating on all fronts. According to PCHR, 35 charitable institutions in the West Bank were raided this week. Nine Palestinians were killed from 29 June-5 July, and 91 Palestinians, including 18 children were injured during this time. Two young women, Shireen Hassan from Bethelehem and a twenty-five year Navine Duka from Beit Sahour were abducted.

The international laws Israel is violating are too numerous to catalog here. According to a recent poll, eighty-two percent of Israelis want the elected representatives of the Palestinians to be assasinated and a majority of them support the human rights violations in Gaza. Palestinians will continue to remain steadfast and those of us in the West must continue to be steadfast in our efforts to highlight Palestinian voices in the media and to our elected representatives.

Mohammed Omar has pictures of civilians killed in their demolished homes here. Another personal account is here. Dr. Mona El-Farra has posted pictures and continues to update her blog.

Write or call you congressman if you haven't already done so.

Write to journalists. Our efforts are making a difference. Scott Wilson of the Washington Post included the fact that 650,000 Palestinians had been imprisoned by Israel since 1967. I know several different people who informed him of this.

And let me close this post with a comment left on Dr. El-Farra's blog:

"American" said...
I discovered this blog thru the CommonDreams site and have read through several post and many comments.

I am an American, neither Jewish nor Muslim, a plain American with a message to the Israeli apologist I have seen commenting on here.

Palestine is right, Israel is wrong.

I invite the Israelis to imagine what would have happened to them if they had chosen some part of the US as their "promised land". If they had moved into some US region in 1948 and done the same things they have done in Palestine.

Let me explain what would have happened. The Israelis and most likely 99% of the Jews would be an extinct race..they would have been wiped out without even an apology by the Americans...they would be nothing but a footnote in history.

When America gets it's free press back, and we will eventually, and the majority of
Americans learn what has gone on in the Isr/Pal conflict and what their money has supported..there will be hell to pay... by the Israelis, by the US politicans who have enabled this.

Americans will relate to this, aside from the human aspects, in the way they most understand....Israelis are squating on someone else's land and killing people in order to steal their land.

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