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Friday, June 30, 2006


'Our Children Were Not Born to Get Killed By the Israeli Army'

Mohammed Omar, whose blog Rafah Today has consistently provided information regarding the effects of the Israel war crimes on Rafah's inhabitants (the IOF's house demolitions in Rafah left 16,000 people homelesss)was interviewed earlier today by Arab Talk Radio. Download the article and interview.

Mohammed gave an impassioned interview from Rafah while heliocopters and F-16's hovered overhead, destroying everyone's sleep. He said that the Gaza Airport was turned into a military airport. He described attacks and demolitions of greenhouses and olive trees.

Rafah is dark due to the IOF's targeting of the electric power plant (a war crime). Rafah hospitals are appealing to the international community to put pressure on Israel to stop its aggression against the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza (of whom almost half are under fourteen; the median age in Rafah according to the CIA is 15.8.).

He described the awful situation at the Gaza/Egyptian border, where people, some of whom are children and elderly in need of medical care, are sleeping in the streets with no services. The UN observers evacuated this border when Israel began its

The "world's supporting killing of civilians," he said. "People [are] supporting by silence." While he importuned the US, EU, and international community to "put pressure on Israel," he added that there is "no one to listen."

He mentioned the "killing [of] children," and "targeting people in homes. Where should they go? There is no home but their home. [People are] seeking shelter in hospitals," and he spoke about a woman with young children running in the street because her house was shelled.

The director of the Rafah Hospital told him that there was no medicine. It is "impossible to move by ambulance from north to south," and "operation rooms are not working anymore," Mohammed reported.

"Our children want to live. Our children were not born to get killed by the Israeli army. Don't those people have any heart? They are killing us every day? [We are] exactly like the American, British, Norwegian, Swedish--not born to get killed by the Israeli Army.

"The Israeli Army is not coming for fun. The Israeli Army is coming to kill, coming to destroy."

He concluded the interview by admonishing the world to "Wake up. Look at us. Stop these attacks. We love life as you love life. It's our right to live. The children need to live. [Have you] no feelings at all. [Is there] no one to say 'No' to the Israelis? They are doing whatever they want to do. The world is silent. The media should wake up."

On CNN who approached him: "They want to dictate to me what to say exactly. Sorry to say that."

And as heliocopters and F-16's continued to destroy the sleep of the imprisoned people of Rafah, Mohammed reflects on what he and the other innocents have done to bring on Israel's latest war crime: "What I'm doing? I'm doing nothing. I'm talking to a radio station in San Francisco."

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