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Friday, June 23, 2006


Olmert's Bloodthirsty Immigrant Bloggers Would Target PLC

"We will continue to make Israel an open nation living securely in its own land, to develop an enlightened and a just society of culture and quality that absorbs immigrants and that knows to be just to all its citizens," Ehud Olmert said today.

How can a society be "enlightened" and "just" if it doesn't implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13, section 2, which states: Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. This is an example of the mindset of one "immigrant" who is free to illegally settle on confiscated land; in "132 Palestinian legislators on the wall... ♪...132 Palestinian legislators" this transplant from New York writes:

"Treppenwitz's 2-Step Plan for Stopping the Qassams

"Step 1: Send a public message to the PA and Hamas leadership telling them that starting tomorrow, for every single day that even one Qassam falls inside Israel, one member of the PA/Hamas Leadership (including the Palestinian Legislative council) will be targeted with one of our much more accurate missiles.

"Step 2: Make good on that threat.

"I figure we will probably burn through two, maybe three PLC Ministers before they figure out we're not bluffing."

In response to the following comment:

"Interesting idea, definitely preferrable to carpet bombing a refugee camp. Can I assume that the plan would be to target the legislators with the most dubious history and try to leave someone with some credibility who would be in a position to negotiate and enforce a truce should they see the error of their ways?"

Olmert's immigrant replies:

"... No, actually that's the great part. While we would be using pinpoint accurate laser-guided missiles to target the PLC Ministers, the actual person designated for evaporation would be selected randomly by pulling a name a day from a big lotto-style air machine. Since they use such a random weapon (the Qassam) it is only fair that we try to respond in an equally random manner."

I guess some women get off on this kind of talk.

The comments are mostly yea sayers, including one who says he likes the smell of napalm in the morning.

Of course, Dr. Salman Abu Sitta (now there's a patriot and a statesman and a man to emulate) warns us that soldiers take on different forms. Zionists come in many different varieties, but remember, even Jeff Halper, for all his good works, is an immigrant from Wisconsin who has the mistaken notion that Israel was once "progresive," and in spite of its "original sin" could one day rise again and be a veritable "light unto the nations."

Another immigrant on another blog, who is of the Zio-lite variety, actually seems to infer that an Israeli aggregate for blogs is enlightened because "The homepage of the Hebrew aggregate site has a permanent logo on the upper left square that says, 'This blog opposes targeted assasinations in heavily populated civilian areas.'"

Well, gee, thanks for that. This must be the other side of Zionism, Zionism with a big fat heart that never forgets to say sorry like Ehud Olmert.

Olmert says he's sorry for the babykilling, the killing of the pregnant woman and her brother, but he's not sorry for the beach killing cause Israel didn't have a hand in that. He's also not so griefstricken as to stop illegal extrajudicial assasinations.

"I am sorry from the depths of my heart for the unintended deaths of innocent people in Gaza and Khan Younis. No one understands that kind of pain more than us."

Spare us the empathy. Have the dignity to just shut up. You're killing refugees who were deliberately and systematically ethnically cleansed from their native villages. What you didn't demolish then and cover up with trees (remember the dimes for Israel) and give some Hebrew name, you stole and appropriated for yourselves and you continue to steal and appropriate for your immigrants. You and Elie Wiesel, the former journalist for Irgun when it massacred the villagers at Deir Yassin, and who doesn't have a damned thing to say about that in his full hypocrisy, probably full on King Abdullah's hummus at the big feast you fat cats are having, Olmert thinking about who he's going to take out next, as Wiesel challenges Mohammed Abbas to condemn suicide bombing as a war crime. Please.

None of you have the dignity or courage of a kid who throws rocks at a tank barrelling down his concrete refugee camp.

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