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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


'Left Alone to Face the Israeli Beast'

"I am afraid for my children, for my neighbours. The world is unjust. We are left alone to face the Israeli beast." Abu Khaled, 50, a father of seven from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza.

"These are our children," cooed Michael Oren to CNN about Gilad Shalit, the captured soldier whose name is a household word. Michael Oren, an American transplant to Israel was expounding upon the necessity for Israel's bombing of three bridges and its electrical plant, cutting off Gaza's 1,428,757 residents, who live together on 360 square kilometers of land, forty-eight percent of whom are 14 and under, from water and electricity. According to the Washington Post, "Engineers estimated that it could take three months to repair."

Michael Oren is part of the 'Israeli Beast.' In addition to his stint on CNN today, he was featured on the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, extolling the virtues of extrajudicial assasination. Oren, who has spared no effort attempting to absolve Israel from its torpedoing the USS Liberty and killing 34 of its crew in 1967, folksed up his moments on CNN by mentioning his own soldier children.

Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, however, aren't paid any mind. You see, they have "blood on their hands," according to the Israel Project, an organization that provides Israel's apologists with sound bites to spin their stories. This has already been picked up by a slick Israeli blog. The Israel Project is a small part of Israel's hasbara beast. Supporters of the Israel Project include Senator Evan Bayh (IN), Senator Saxby Chambliss (GA), Senator Norm Coleman (MN), Senator Ben Nelson (NE), Senator Rick Santorum (PA), Senator Arlen Specter (PA), Senator Ron Wyden (OR), Congressman Rob Andrews (NJ), Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (NV), Congressman Tom Davis (VA), Congressman Eliot Engel (NY), Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ), Congressman Jon Porter (NV), Congressman Jim Saxton (NJ), Congressman Brad Sherman (CA), Congressman Joe Wilson (SC), Actor and Director Ron Silver.

When he's not advocating taking out democratically elected Palestinian legislator and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, Oren poetically waxes, "Soldiers are Israel's Everyman--or rather Everychild--and Israelis are acutely sensitive to their safety."

Israelis don't have the same sensitivity for Palestinian children since they refuse to accept accountability for their deaths. I have not heard of a Qasssam launch from a busy Gaza street but Israelis justify children's deaths on these streets by claiming terrorists launch rockets from urban centers. Palestinians force Israelis to kill their children. All seven hundred plus of them since September 2000. It beggars belief that transplanted American illegal settlers can be so myopic, but consider the comments to a post advocating a "scorched earth" policy for Gaza on a fairly popular Israeli blog:

"i think that golda meir is attributed with the thought that all is lost "until they learn to love their children more than they hate ours" (or mashu kazeh). sadly, it seems that not a lot has changed by way of THAT dynamic in the past 30+ years....."

And in response to part of the blogger's post in which he writes:

" I would even gladly exchange my own life for the chance to let my son marry, have children and enjoy a full life of his own."

A commenter writes:

"Contrast this [the above] with what we constantly hear from the mothers of suicide bombers, how they wish they could have 10 more to become martyrs. That's the difference between us and them."

The fourth largest military in the world promises summer rain showers for the children of Gaza, sealed off from their sea, sealed off from neighboring lands, cut off from their electricity, and cut off from their power. Laila El-Haddad writes, "In Rafah, the refugee camp that has not been spared the wrath of the Israeli Army on so many occasions in the past, where 16, 000 Palestinians lost their homes to armoured bulldozers, families have holed themselves indoors, fearing for their lives."

The beast has even compromised Mahmoud Abbas and his spokesperson Sa'eb Erekat. Abbas, like Claudius, appears to honor no boundaries in order to maintain power. According to Erekat, who is sounding more and more like the comical Polonius: "Abu Mazen has ordered a house-to-house search for the Israeli soldier. If we knew exactly where he was, we would go get him ourselves."

"Just as the whole world was moved to free the captured Israeli soldier, they must move to stop the war of genocide against the Palestinian people. Israel tries to make a fuss when they talk about two armies fighting, because the truth is that Israeli war jets, infantry and marines are fighting children, women and unarmed men,"
said Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Nasser Addin Ash-Sha'er today.

As of now, it appears as if Gazans are "left alone to face the Israeli beast."

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