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Monday, June 26, 2006


IOF Disappears 15 More Palestinians Today

The IOF disappeared the following young men from Halhoul, Ta’amara, and Dura villages today, June 26:

23 year old Iyad,
21 year old Ahmed,
20 year old Mahmoud Abdarbeh,
33 year old Abdarbeh Fawzi Khalid,
21 year old Ibrahim Awad,
20 year old Abdul Amala,
20 year old Talal Amala,
Ashraf Mounir Amala,
Murad Abdul Mahdi Amala,
18 year old Ahmed Said Al Khateeb,
40 year old Mohammad Musa Mohammed,
25 year old Khaled Dhiab,
33 year old Khalid Mohammed Shehdeh,
and 18 year old Mohammed Majid Spitan

The IOF disappeared from Gaza on Saturday, June 24:

Osama Muammar, who had just returned from studying at a university in the Sudan.
Mustafa Muammar

The IOF beat their fifty-two year old father who had severe injuries according to medical officials at the European Hospital in Rafah.

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