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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Dr. El-Farra: 'On the Beach'

An excerpt from Dr. Mona El-Farra's From Gaza With Love,

Gaza: On the Beach

It is Friday and Hoda’s family like other Palestinians, were trying to enjoy a little fun. A moment’s escape from the hardship of daily life... economic sanctions from Israel, the EU, and US, military siege, 4 months with no salaries for more than
160, 000 government employees, a Palestinian economy already vulnerable and
impoverished, the high unemployment rate, unsettled political situation,
factional interclashes, vulnerable health services, lack of vital medications,
widespread psychological problems, and child malnutrition.
The moment shattered. An Israeli gunship suddenly fired at random against the
beach, while army tanks fired artillery shells and Apache helicopters crossed
the sky. 40 civilians were injured, 10 killed.

In the Hospital

Whole families were destroyed in minutes, but all I heard was “the Israeli army
will investigate the incident”. American officials commented on the right of
Israel to defend its security!!!!!!!!!

I personally have no comment.
Like many of us in Gaza, I burst into tears. Some
of my collegues at the hospital could not go to the child’s room. The camera
man collapsed at the scene.


Last week while I was at Al Awda hospital(north of gaza), I visited the health
emergency crew, who were targeted while evacuating the dead bodies of
resistance fighters...

I felt that this was one of the normal practices of the Israeli
army, to attack health emergency teams.

now I am wondering, is it our
destiny as people living under occupation, to deal with abnormal practices as
if they were settled normal facts??

I feel that no place in Gaza is safe. I mentioned that phrase in one of my press
releases at the beginning of the intifada, and I still feel the same way.

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