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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Comments From Amayreh and El Sarraj

Journalist Khalid Amayreh's insightful commentary about Hamas' victory regarding the Prisoners' Initiative. Of course, Israel has rendered the possiblities inherent in its adoption moot by its capture of Palestine's legislators and ministers. Following Amayreh's comment a call from Dr. Eyad El Sarraj for the PA to dissolve itself (but it would appear as if Israel has done that for them).

Hamas actually gained, not lost, the "power struggle."
How? By radicalizing the overall Palestinian stance vis-a-vis Israel. Now,
no prospective Palestinian government will dare accept anything less than
total Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories.

Moreover, Hamas has forced the PA and Fatah to commit themselves to
resolving the refugee problem in accordance with UN resolution 194, which
stipulates repatriation and indemnification for the refugees. So Hamas has
clearly won this showdown with Fatah. In fact all Palestinians have won.

This is why Israel has rejected the agreement, calling it "non-starter." Khalid Amayreh

Check Mate

Israel has crossed the line many times. By destroying the
infrastructure again and again of the Palestinian
Authority, by arresting ministers and Members of
Parliament, and by preventing Mahmoud Abbas President of
the Palestinian Authority from leaving Gaza, she unveils the
true nature of its relation with the Palestinian
Authority. It was the one thousand error of Arafat not
dissolve the Palestinian Authority when he was under
siege. The poor man thought that being a President would
have given him protection. Abu Mazen should now dissolve
the Palestinian Authority before he meets the same fate.
He is checked mated. The UN should come in or Israel
assumes the power and responsibilities of the occupation
without hiding behind the stigmatized Palestinian
Authority or the Infamous Oslo agreement.

Eyad El Sarraj


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