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Sunday, June 25, 2006


'And Paula, do we have any more info on that YOUNG Israeli soldier?

Well, not yet, concerned CNN anchor who posed this question to CNN's Jerusalem correspondent Paula Hancocks, but I am sure that CNN will be doing features on the nineteen year old "kidnapped" Israeli soldier, his mother, his father, his brothers, his sisters, his Aunties and Uncles, the family pets.

Uncle Hanna says one Israeli is worth about five hundred Palestinians so it is hoped that an exchange could lead to maybe a few hundred of the eight thousand Palestinian political prisoners' release.

The CNN anchor, who is preferable to Israel's public affairs spokesperson Mark Regev (my husband turned the TV off to stop my incessant expletives), didn't ask about the prisoners, nor did she ask any of the following questions:

Question: How is the wounded Fadhiyyah Ahmed, 80, whose son, Zakariyya, 47 and pregnant daughter Fatima, 37, were killed when an Israeli rocket slammed into the house in which they were eating lunch?

Answer: Not very well. According to Electronic Intifada she is incoherent, speaking in scattered words: "My son, my daughter ...Zakariyya is a genius, from KSA...Fatima teacher...children...a rocket...gifts..."

Question: How is Zakkariya's son, sixteen-yearl-old Ahmed doing after witnessing the death of his father, a news editor at Saudi TV, on vacation for the first time in Gaza in three years.

Answer:"Our life has completely changed. I don't know what I will do." The family will not be returning to Saudi Arabia.

QUESTION: How is Fatima's 18-month-old son, Khaled, who was seriously wounded doing?


QUESTION:What happened to the pregnant woman,Shaima Ahmad, 25,who was severely wounded by shrapnel?

ANSWER : Her baby was stillborn on Friday. Shaima remains in serious condition. The father named his stillborn baby girl, Majzara, an Arabic word that means massacre in English.

QUESTION:Who takes care of Aeshah Abu Mosallam's three children? She was shot in the head while standing on the balcony of her home in Balatah Refugee Camp on May 21.

ANSWER: Don't know because the only story that comes up when "Aesha Abu Mosallam" is googled is the one linked above.

QUESTION: Who takes care of three year old Mareya Aman, paralyzed, who lost her five year old brother, her mother, and her grandmother from an Israeli rocket?

ANSWER: Her great uncle did, but no news has been forthcoming about Mareya for some time now.

QUESTION: How did Dr. Mona El-Farra feel when her childhood home in Khan Younis was demolished without warning in 2000?

ANSWER: All my childhood memories…I still remember my late father’s rare photos, the minute I first drank that water from our well out of his hands. I still remember the joy of the relatives, friends and neighbors coming to celebrate this moment with us. The olive, orange, and guava trees, and many other trees, do not carry symbolic value only; they also have great economic value. They are lifelines for many families in the area. Agriculture is these people’s only income. The Israelis aim to decimate our already annihilated economy, to uproot us, to destroy our culture and to deny our very existence on this land for thousands of years.

QUESTION: How many stories come up on a google news search for "Gilad Shalit," the Israeli soldier captured by Palestinians?


QUESTION:How many Palestinian civilians have been killed in the last two weeks?


QUESTION:How many Israeli civilians have been killed in the last two weeks?


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