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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Washington Post Editorial Swerves and Misses Real Target For Blame

When one drives a car in order to avoid hitting, let's say, a dog, one swerves in another direction. Today's Washington Post editorial, "A Palestinian Lifeline,"
deliberately steers readers in a wrong direction in order to place blame on the victims and deflect blame from the perpetuator, Israel, of its violations of international law.

"Hamas has been content to foster a humanitarian crisis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," the Washington Post editorializes.

Question: Is Hamas withholding Palestinian customs receipts?
Answer: No, Israel is withholding Palestinian customs receipts.

The Washington Post also posits that "Palestinians who are supplied with necessities but denied a government that can negotiate for their statehood will more likely place the blame where it belongs -- at home."

Palestinians know whom to blame. Whom do Palestinans blame? Israel.

The General Union of Palestinian Women in a May 9 Open Letter to the Quartet:

Join us in foiling Israeli relentless attempts at imposing unilateral solutions and faits accomplis on our land, taking immediate steps to halt Israeli escalating violations of Palestinian human rights including the construction of settlements and the oppressive Apartheid Wall, assassinations, imprisonment and detention without due process, demolishing of homes and uprooting trees, and travel restrictions and check posts that threaten Palestinian lives and reduce Palestine to a conglomeration of city states .

It is highly unlikely that Palestinians will blame their elected government for failure to negotiate for a "conglomeration of city states," any more than they blame it for Israel's targeted assasinations, Israel's house demolitions, Israel's racist Law of Return that applies to Jews from all over the world, but denies Palstinians their inalienable right to return to their homes, Israel's imprisonment of 9200 Palestinian political prisoners, Israel's construction of the Apartheid Wall, Israel's racist law which prohibits a Palestinian in the territories from living with a spouse in 1948 Palestine and in the occupied territories, Israel's relentless confiscation of Palestinian land.

The democratically elected government of Palestine doesn't routinely and indiscriminately shoot at Palestinian houses. Israel does. It did today.

Palestine News Network reports that Seventy year old Haj Hussein Ahmed Abdullah suffered severe injuries during the Israeli incursion of Nablus’ Old City. Local sources report that the elderly man has shrapnel throughout his thighs after being hit by shrapnel during Israeli indiscriminant shooting at houses in the neighborhood."

Palestinians aren't likely to place the blame at home anytime soon.

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