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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Palestine: Future of Hope For All Humanity

American Federation of Ramallah Palestine, Palestine Day
And I have felt
A presence that disturbs me with the joy
Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime
Of something far more deeply interfused,
Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,
And the round ocean and the living air,
And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;
A motion and a spirit, that impels
All thinking things, all objects of all thought,
And rolls through all things. William Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey

Times have changed, irretrievably: Palestine has already returned in hearts and minds worldwide to take back what is rightfully Palestinian. From falafel to biblical stories to family homes and land- endless memories of home, a real home, a safe home, a cherished home... and precious fruit bearing olive and apricot trees. Anne Seldon Annab

What we have is not only unique; it is the unique of the uniqueness. It is the particularity of a country which carries a great spiritual heritage. It is time to formulate a Palestinian project that can reach humanity.
Here exactly the strength of Palestine and the weakness of the Zionist project. The Zionist project is based on a narrow minded and racist ideology, the Palestinian project is a project opened to humanity. Dr. Salim Nazzal

The Future:For everyone's sake we should help justice, peace and Palestine return in full- fully free and fully able to flourish as a sovereign nation empowered by a noble heritage and a future of hope for all of humanity. Annie Seldon Annab

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