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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Memory Eternal, Judith

Thank you, Jen

sad news.......... Erika of RafahNotes has passed away. Erika's real-life name was Judith.

From Mohammed:

"I have heard from the hospital in the US and a friend has told me 'Judith passed away.'

"I was thinking this is impossible. She is alive, her voice is still in my mind when she is telling me: 'It will improve Mohammed, this injustice will end one day' and even her simple Arabic words are still coming to my mind.
The mother of the little Rolla fell on the floor when I told her about this.
-- Mohammed Omer

"Goodbye, Judith. Thank you for all you've done and for your patient, kind, and gentle voice -- for the love you shared with us all. Safe travels, be well...and thank you.

"Judith was known to many as "Erika" on her blog, RafahNotes, and in the blogosphere at large.

She will be horribly missed."

Memory eternal.
Memory eternal
May her memory be eternal.

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