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Friday, May 12, 2006


Give to me the reed and sing thou!

Give to me the reed and sing thou
For song is immortality
And the plaint of reed remaineth
After the joy and misery! Kahlil Gibran

Give to me the reed and sing thou

My country , my country
My country, the land of my grand fathers
My country, my country
My country, my nation, the nation of eternity Biladi Biladi

For song is immortality

For me, my family, and for many Palestinians, this tradition of remembering is not a simple nostalgia for the past, or a longing for a period that can never be reproduced. It is a prescription for the future. George Bisharat

And the plaint of reed remaineth

...our remembering, is a form of continuing resistance to the defamation and erasure of our history. George Bisharat

After the joy and misery

Bartering, borrowing and doing without, thousands of people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are improvising their way through a deepening financial crisis with help from native sons, virtual strangers and each other.

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