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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Closing Statement of the Palestinian National Dialogue Conference

The Closing Statement of the Palestinian National Dialogue Conference
By The National Dialogue Conference
May 30, 2006

First: The sanctity of Palestinian blood

There are no contradictions between our people and their resistance groups. The national dialogue conference stresses that all interpretations and disputed issues must be solved through democratic dialogue and in an atmosphere embodying the national spirit of our people. There can be no use of arms among the people of the same cause. Palestinian blood is scared and we are all forbidden from wrongly shedding one drop of Palestinian blood in light of our struggle against the enemy, which is occupying our lands and displacing our people.

The conference rejects any internal fighting, which will benefit no one save our enemy. The national dialogue conference calls for a national code of honor among the forces and factions to ban all forms of infighting regardless of any possible reasons or justifications. It also stresses that political debate among national ranks at the table should be endorsed for the benefit of our people and not through weapons and shedding Palestinian blood.

Second: the political, economic and financial siege on our people

The national dialogue conference affirms its total rejection to the oppressive siege imposed on our people for the last three months by the US and Israel following the PLC elections. This siege is a form of collective punishment against our people over and above the daily Israeli measures of occupation, aggression settlement activities and the apartheid wall. This siege will never help to achieve security, peace and stability in the Middle East. This explosive situation requires Arab and international action to end the siege and resume international assistance to our people, in addition to releasing the tax revenues held by the Israeli government for the third month in a row.

Third: Olmert's unilateral plan, the settlements and the wall

The national dialogue conference declares its complete rejection and resistance to Olmert's plan to confiscate our land and divide our homeland into ghettos and isolated cantons; the conference rejects all Israeli settlement attempts aimed at usurping al-Quds al-Shareef and the Jordan Valley area and annexing settlements there to Israel which would result in the confiscation of 58% of West Bank territory.

We reiterate that peace and security will never be reached as long as there are settlements and the wall on our land.

The national dialogue conference stresses that it is impossible to achieve security and peace without a full Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian and Arab territories occupied in the 1967 war; hence, we call on all Arab and international parties to confront Olmert's settlement and expansion plan and to endorse the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice at The Hague which declared the occupation, settlements and the apartheid wall illegal, especially in al-Quds al-Shareef.

We stress that our people will hold fast to their land, to their right to self-determination, to their right of return and to establishing an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital.

Fourth: reinforcing the rule of the law and order and eliminating security chaos

The conference reaffirms that reinforcing the rule of law and order and an independent judiciary are among the first national tasks to be undertaken by us all. There is no authority above that of the rule of the law. Security chaos is a serious threat to the security of our homeland and people and it should be firmly confronted. We need complete adherence to the Basic Law, which organizes the activity of the legislative, executive, and judicial authorities in the PNA. We also need to strengthen the security services and provide them with the necessary capacities, be it manpower or weapons, so they can put an end to the security chaos. The national dialogue conference calls for reforming the judicial system and activating its role by carrying out and enforcing its rulings and endorsing the independence of the judicial authority and all its commissions.

Fifth: developing the PLO

Conference participants requested that Abu Mazen, Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee, to call on the Higher Committee comprised of the Chairman, members of the PLO Executive Committee, PNC Speaker and the General Secretaries of all Palestinian factions and independent national figures, to convene as soon as possible within a period not exceeding the end of June in order to reactivate and develop the PLO and to promote its status as the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people.

Sixth: resistance is a legitimate right of our people

The national dialogue conference reaffirms that resisting the occupation and settlements is our people’s legitimate right enshrined in international charters; hence, we call on all forces and groups to form national unity committees to defend our land and our people in every village and city.

Seventh: the right of return is a sacred right of Palestinian refugees

The national dialogue conference reaffirms that the cause of the Palestinian refugees is a national cause and one that embodies our identity and future; hence, we stress that we fully adhere to UN Resolution 194 pertaining to the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and homeland. The national dialogue conference rejects all attempts that aim to nullify the refugee right of return and disperse the refugees in various countries. We stress that the right of return is a sacred right and is a collective and individual right, which cannot be obliterated by any party in the world.

Eighth: the National Conciliation Document from the Prisoners Movement

The conference participants praised all initiatives and documents presented to the conference, particularly the national conciliation document drafted by the prisoners' movement and which we consider a sound basis for national dialogue.

The conference also stresses that all relevant parties are working for the release of our prisoners and detainees and calls on all human rights organizations to direct their efforts in this direction.

Ninth: the national dialogue committee

In closing, the national dialogue conference decided to form a national dialogue committee headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, comprised of representatives from the PNC, the PLC, the PLO Executive Committee, the government, all factions from the national and Islamic forces, parliament blocs, the private sector and the civil society organizations. The committee shall start work immediately with the aim of formulating a unified national action program that promotes and reinforces our national unity.


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