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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Palestinians Continue to Suffer and Die in the Dark

If it weren't for Laila's blog entry (see post below) at 1:00 AM this morning, no one would be the wiser about the pounding that Gaza City is taking. Because it's 2:10AM here in Germany, two hours after Laila's post, and there is no news. I've searched yahoonews, googlenews, cnn news, haaretz, al-jazeera, and there is nothing.

And so it goes.

Palestinians continue to suffer and die in the dark.

But I am sure that everyone who takes even a cursory look at the papers knows about the illegal colonists who were killed today. I can even tell you the sixty year old couple's names...Levy, and there was a sixteen year old also from the colony and a twenty year old from the middle of the country. All these concrete details provided for dishonorable people who cruise on what's left of Palestine on Jews-only roads, people engaged in criminal activity...stealing water, responsible for penning in Palestinians so that they may enjoy their swimming pools and cheap mortgages on usurped land.

Bet no one recalls these children's names from the IOF's March madness. Because if they are mentioned at all, it's in paragraph 31 of a 32 paragraph story.

Amer Basouny, killed in early March, 15

Raed and Mahmoud, brothers, 8 and 16, killed March 6

Akabar Zaed, 8

Hamad Hamdan, 16

Recall any of the other names of the "accidental" child deaths, 801 in all from September 2000 through February 2006 according to Palestine National Information Center?

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