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Monday, March 13, 2006


Umkahlil's Guide to Israeli Bloggers


I have a guilty pleasure. I have an addiction to Israeli and pro-Israeli blogs. Maybe now that I’ve admitted it, it will be easier for me to kick the habit.

I first knew that I had a problem when I started to get depressed on Fridays, the Jewish Sabbath, when many of the Israeli bloggers don’t post or comment. When they start with the Shabbat Shaloms, I know I'm in for a dry spell.

This morning I tried cold-turkey to break my habit; however, I could only stay away until 1:00 PM.
I don’t know if any support groups exist for my particular addiction...if there were, I’d probably have to boycott them since they would be comprised of mainly Israelis.

Umkahlil’s Picks and Pans: Part I

Today Umkahlil visits On the Face, my favorite Zio-lite blog. For a first venture through the Zio-blogsphere, this is a good place to start because it’s not too scary. Personally, I just can not get enough of it. Lisa, the writer behind On the Face, writes infrequently, hence cultivating a ‘mona-lisa’ mysteriousness; perhaps the secret to her success in the Jblog World.

On the Face doesn’t mind hanging with or quoting Palestinians who are slightly to the left of Nonie Darwish:

I do not oppose the separation barrier, because I understand that the Jews need it in order to feel secure.

And while acknowledging Israel has demolished a house or two in its day, she justifies Israel’s violations of international law

They had been bulldozed by the IDF because they’d been used as a vantage point for Palestinian gunmen who shot at the nearby (now evacuated) Israeli settlements

And she will tolerate no comment if:

It is political and/or agenda-based

Or if it denotes mean things about Zionism; i.e., ‘Zionism=Racism’

I just think this reactionary sloganeering is so damned boring. (and stupid).

Warning: Those who speak of bridge building and refer to the 'complexity' of the situation tend to obfuscate crucial issues; i.e., Resolution 194 and Israel's ongoing violations of International Law. True advocates for justice acknowledge as does Jeff Halper that anything short of ROR is not a just solution. Dr. Salmon Abu Sitta has shown that ROR is feasible. Zionists who do not acknowledge this do lend credence to the expression "Zionism is Racism."

Overall ratings: 5 kuffiyahs/excellent 4 kuffiyahs/very good 3 kuffiyahs/good 2 kuffiyahs/poor 1 kuffiyah/quit blogging and stick to the comments

On the Face's Rating: 4 kuffiyahs

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