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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Umkahlil Picks: Guide to Zionist Blogs

Today Umkahlil visits the grande dam of the Z-Blogs, Adloyada [Judy], who provides us 'six decades of accumulated opinions.'

Adloyada is from the National Public Radio meets Little Green Footballs school of blogging, with an emphasis on Little Green Footballs.

She marvels over Palestinian embroidery, but doesn't seem to find anything else of merit in Palestinian society.

Putting food and shopping aside, however, one finds that anyone to the left of Khalid Abu Toameh, whom pro-Israel advocacy groups, StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships, recently sponsored on a North American speaking tour, meets with Adloyada's disdain. Even Sari Nusseibeh. Sari Nusseibeh? Adloyada thinks that he may have been part of a PA 'charm offensive,' and questions the veracity of his putting quotes around 'security' wall and takes him to task for mentioning it keeps kids from school.

Instead she wonders, along with a favored publication,the Jerusalem Post why the PA doesn't concentrate on disarming terrorist groups instead of campaigning against the Wall.

Adloyada seems to have a problem with any articulate, educated, and talented Palestinians. In the disdainfully and condescendingly titled 'Radical Chic' she takes England's Vogue Editor Bella Freud to task for writing a sympathetic story about Palestine, which Adloyada frames in quotes, and one of its foremost artists, Vera Tamari, and says Freud is influenced by her association with Professor Karma Nabulsi, whom Adloyada disingenuously terms 'militant.' She also doesn't care for Hanan Ashrawi, linking to a CAMERA story purportedly about Ashrawi's propaganda.

One would hope that she's sincere when she commiserates about one woman's ordeal waiting at a checkpoint in a stilfling bus, "I wish we did not have circumstances that created it. I know from what you write that you recognise the complexity of the situation, that you do not demonize or simplistically blame Israel and the Israelis..."

And not fraudulently effecting a "charm offensive."

For she goes out of her way to vilify Rachel Corrie, linking to Lee Kaplan of Front Page Magazine, even inferring that there were tunnels under the pharmacist's house Rachel was protecting. She also links to this scary site to vilify the ISM.

And gal pal, bridge builder Lisa, the subject of Umkahlil's first Zioblog Review is right there with ol' Adloyada's amen corner:

"What you write here is important. I have met and spoken with several ISM activists in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza and thought they were a very disappointing bunch: they parroted anti-Israel propoganda; they were frequently woefully ignorant of the history of this region...some wore pendants in the shape of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank with no border indicated and the word "Palestine" etched across it

"I also wonder if Rachel Corrie's death would have attracted less notice if she had not been a pretty blonde American girl."

But back to today's Zioblogger... B'Tselem's statistics for Intifadeh deaths aren't to our bridge builder's liking so she links to the Middle East Forum, a group established by Daniel Pipes because this group claims to do a better job than B'Tselem of distinguishing between civilian and combatant deaths. She also has another story on B'Tselem's 'misleading' statistics from the Institute of Counter Terrorism, whose Chair of the Board of Directors, Shabtai Shavit, is former director of the Mossad.

In another post she criticises Edward Said and Hanan Ashrawi again for their use of what she calls "narratives." She promises in a long, confusing post, "I hope to post further on the way in which 'the Palestinian narrative' concept is used to evoke and cover a range of historical obfuscations and distortions. There's no shortage of candidates for deconstruction." Right, like the Palestinian 'narrative' that they descend from from the Caananites, for which she sites a former shill of AIPAC to 'deconstruct.'
Allocation of Kuffiyahs: Due to her 'links' to Israel's Mossad and her prediliction for spooky sites; that is, FrontPage Magazine, HonestReporting, Lee Kaplan, CAMERA, MEMRI and Daniel Pipes, I have no alternative but to bestow

FIVE kuffiyahs

on this most excellent Zionist Blog.

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