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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Treppenwitz: His Own Worst Enemy

Treppenwitz, the illegal colonist blogger, at least shows some self-awareness when he writes "Laying the groundwork for an insanity defense since 1961."

But was this?

For instance, this past week a pro-Palestinian anti-Israel anti-Semitic Joo-hating blog turned it's jaundiced eyes towards treppenwitz and gave me a bit more of a mention than I would have liked [He's crossed out 'pro-Palestinian anti-Israel anti Semitic,' but I don't have that function].

in response to this?

I recorded his response to this inquiry from an e-mail from a pro-Palestine blogger:

"I happen to think that living where you do prevents you from casting judgment upon the ethical resiliance of others, since your very presence violates international law and common decency to boot."

Which was this...

And living where you do denies you a say in what happens here. I know that pisses you off to no end but that's the way it works. Deal with it you dilettante. You have fetishized the Palestinian cause the way the terrorists have fetishized death. Go stew in your hate you tiny, hateful person. This is my country and you are just another outside voice spitting hate into the wind.

If you really believed in what you write...you would come over here and help your poor downtrodden pet Palestinians.

Perhaps you could do the world a favor and lie down in front of a bulldozer like your hero. If you would do that there would finally be one death in this part of the world that made sense.

I'm done with you now... I've had my fun. Now go away. You are in my spam file now so anything you send or comment from here on in will join the rest of the trash where it belongs."

Treppenwitz, to whoever you refer, you've earned a place in Umkahlil's upcoming "Guide to Israeli Blogs," in the SCARY Blog section. Happy Sunday, guy.

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