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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mother's Day, Palestine

thanks to Annie for inspiration

Shaden Abu Hijleh

Remember Shaden

On October 11th 2002, our mother Shaden Abu-Hijleh (aged 62), a grandmother, peace activist and philanthropist, was murdered in cold blood. Israeli soldiers deliberately shot her without provocation while she was embroidering inside our family home in the West Bank City of Nablus. Over 15 hollow-point bullets, which are banned by international law, were shot directly at our family killing our mother and injuring our father and brother. The bullet holes in our walls and glass door serve as a painful reminder. read more

beauty came to rest its feet

on verdant, flowered soil
it called itself Shaden
and those she touched knew joy

she sheltered weak and strong alike
in cloaks of light and peace
and when the meek were wronged by might
she raised her voice in speech

then one fading day with a calm, gentle spirit
Shaden slipped away.
Shaden soared away.

above the heaving earth she soared
as it weeped for its beauty's passing.
but Shaden smiled from a loftier perch,
for she saw a new justice massing

Julie Ohlendorf
November 2002
read more

Shaden, the youngest deer.

Shaden, the reason I am here.

Shaden, the music I hear.

Shaden, the death of fear.

Shaden, not far but near.

Shaden, my dearest dear.

Shaden, My Beloved Mom.

Shaden my den,

Mother of Lana & three young men.

Shaden the wife of Jamal,

Daughter of Um Nidal,

Grandmother of Zina, Nadia, and Yasmin,

Mother of the oppressed and the poor,

Your soul will remain free and pure.

Saed Abu-Hijleh (Nablus, Palestine)
November 21, 2002

In fact, I feel her smiling now
As she comforts me in light;
Her message sent so lovingly
To not give up the fight
As long as people live in fear
Of dying in their homes,
And all the world seems not to hear
The songs we sing alone.

Soha Al Jurf

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